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Programs for Infants, Toddlers, & 2s

When you trust your child with us, you can rest assured knowing that we prioritize your child's health, safety, feelings of security, and trust. Learn more about our programs for infants and toddlers.

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Sandbox infants are 6 weeks to 15 months of age. The goal of the infant program is to provide home-like care in such a way that growth and well-being are nurtured throughout the day, ensuring safe, close, secure relationships.


Sandbox toddlers are 15 months through 23 months of age. Preschool and day care are available at all schools for this age group of children.

Infant & Toddler Program Goals:

  1. To be safe and free from harm.
  2. To feel comfortable and secure in a well-planned environment.
  3. To prepare the way for future learning with interesting things to do.
  4. To open the door to educational opportunities, experiences, and lots of language.
  5. To maximize the learning appropriate for this developmental age.
  6. To enable the child to develop a confident attitude towards self.
  7. To move and control their bodies with growing confidence.
  8. To know the child is unique, important, loved, and can be successful.
  9. To expose the child to the joys of social interaction.
  10. To develop a warm and trusting attitude towards others.
  11. To begin self-help skills and love of learning.
  12. To nurture that wonderful, perceptual, and persistent curiosity.

Classroom Organization

The infants and toddlers are cared for in small groups, designated by stages of development. Each infant is assigned to a primary caregiver. The children move from one learning activity to another, always meeting individual scheduling needs, in a stimulating and prepared environment within the confines of one room.


  1. Free Play - Involves planned play time in a stimulating environment, allowing exploration, experimentation, and problem solving.
  2. Music and Finger Plays - Involves rhythm, action, interaction, socialization, and self-awareness.
  3. Early Readiness - Involves increased vocabulary, phonological awareness, letters and words, number concepts, patterns, measurement, and spatial sense.
  4. Motor Development - Involves movement for large and small muscles, encouraging body awareness, coordination, and flexibility.
  5. Snack - A time for social interaction, good manners, proper procedures, and learning about healthy foods.
  6. Art Awareness - Involves reinforcement of color, size, shape, as well as the continued exploration of the many wonderful materials and tools used in creative art.