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3s, 4s, & Kindergarten

Caring for your child's health, safety, feelings of security, and trust is the most crucial responsibility of the Sandbox staff. Our preschool and 3/4 programs accept children aged 3-1/2 to kindergarten age. This program is designed to meet the needs of the child who is ready for preschool. A hands-on approach is most often utilized, with developmentally appropriate materials and both one-on-one and group learning.

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Aged 3 & 4

Goals for the Preschooler / 3 & 4 Year Old:

  • To prepare the way for future learning.
  • To open the door to educational opportunities and experiences.
  • To maximize the learning appropriateness for the development age.
  • To assist the child in continuing to develop a positive attitude towards school and learning.
  • To know the child is unique, important, loved, and successful.
  • To encourage the joys of social interaction and continue to build on the understanding of the feelings of self and others.
  • To develop a warm and trusting attitude towards others.
  • To improve self-help skills and the love of learning.
  • To nurture that wonderful perceptual and persistent curiosity.
  • To learn good health habits.
  • To be competent and confident in certain areas.


  1. Free Play - Involves planned play time in a stimulating environment, allowing exploration, experimentation, and problem solving.
  2. Music and Finger Plays - Involves rhythm, action, interaction, socialization, and self-awareness.
  3. Early Readiness - Involves increased vocabulary, phonological awareness, letters and words, number concepts, patterns, measurement, and spatial sense.
  4. Motor Development - Involves movement for large and small muscles, encouraging body awareness, coordination, and flexibility.
  5. Snack - A time for social interaction, good manners, proper procedures, and learning about healthy foods.
  6. Art Awareness - Involves reinforcement of color, size, shape, as well as the continued exploration of the many wonderful materials and tools used in creative art.

School Program

Our school program is designed to meet the total needs of the child by coordinating activities and experiences at the child's pace, allowing for the necessary space, equipment, and movement required for overall early childhood development. It also provides a balance between quiet and active periods and between academic awareness and comfortable relaxation. The joy of self-discovery and the pleasure of social interaction is always encouraged.

Classroom Organization

The children are divided into small groups, designated by their stages of development. The groups move from one learning activity to another in a stimulating and prepared environment within the confines of one room.


Sandbox Kindergarten uses a stepped-up academic program that is both advantageous and enjoyable for boys and girls of school age.

Sandbox Kindergarten Offers:

  • Full- & Half-Day Classes
  • Day Care Before & After Kindergarten
  • Small Class Sizes
  • A Longer Day than Traditional Kindergarten
  • A Stimulating & Diversified Program

Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Reading - Sandbox uses the Lippincott Reading Program: "Beginning to Read, Write & Listen." This program is a carefully structured program consisting of 24 books that encompass the 26 letters of the alphabet. In each book, the children will learn the names of the letters in the alphabet, how to write them, and what sound each letter represents. The children will learn how to blend the letter sounds to form words and read simple stories. This program is carefully structured so every concept is taught in sequence; each new skill that is introduced builds upon skills that have already been learned.
  • Math - Sandbox uses the "Math Their Way" program. The goal of this program is to develop an understanding and to gain insight into mathematical patterns through the use of materials. Emphasis is placed on the learning process rather than quick right answers. Children are free to experience, to react, to think, and thus to learn, grow, and change in "their way." Once skills have been mastered, the children use the "Mathematics in Action" workbook as a reinforcement activity.
  • And So Much More - Sandbox Kindergarten also provides daily lessons in science, computer technology, art, music, health and safety, Spanish, and physical education—including opportunities to learn yoga and Taekwondo. A great emphasis is placed on friendships, kindness, fairness, and developing a sense of self-responsibility.

Sandbox Kindergarten graduates enter first grade with the ability to read, write, and progress. They are confident, competent and have developed a love of learning.